Net Savings Link by Jake P. Noch

Is Net Savings Link by Jake P. Noch legit?

Jake Noch P. - Scammer, Music Industry Executive, Entrepreneur, Activist Investor, Songwriter, Producer, American rapper!

Jake P Noch He is suing stores like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc. on behalf of artists without any rights to their music!

I dont know him and his fake Pro Music Rights, NetSavingsLink, Pro Music Rights, SOSA Entertainment and more... Hes never contacted me and I have no way to contact him. All his information on the internet is fake.

On google is about 100 threads mentioning the same illegal activities from Jake P. Noch!

I'm a respected producer in the music community. and he was able to take every song off illegally from stores. I had almost 1000k plays in two years all from my own hard work and he took that away!

His resume' is nothing but a big fat lying scam!